About Sam Anzaroot

I am an Applied AI researcher at Verneek, working on natural language processing, with the mission to enable “anyone to make data-informed decisions”. (github)(resume)

Before that, I was a Principal Data Scientist at Dataminr, working on natural language processing. At Dataminr I built models to extract public safety events from social media posts. Before Dataminr, I worked as an intern at Oracle Labs East, where I made contributions toward large scale machine learning inference using GPU programming.

I completed a masters degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst specifically in the IESL lab working with Andrew McCallum.

I completed my undergrad education at the Computer Science department at Queens College – City University of New York. There I worked at a number of labs, mostly in the Blender Lab (now at UIUC) with Heng Ji.

My interests lie in machine learning methods with applications in natural language processing.